Saturday, 30 March 2013

Chocolate and Coffee Cupcakes

There's something about the combination of coffee and choclate in this cupcake that just keeps me wanting more. The bitterness off the cake is perfectly outbalanced by the  sweetness of the dark chocolate. Not only is it extremely yummy, it's also a very easy and quick recipe.

You'll be needing (12 cupcakes):
-For the cake:                                                         -For the topping
         Two eggs                                                                Cacaopowder (add to your taste)
         Instant coffee (50 g)                                               Chocolate coffeebeans
         Self-rising flour (100 g)                                          Cream (2,5 dl)
         Brown sugar (75 g)                                                Icing sugar (30 g)
         Butter (150g)
        Two spoonfuls of milk
First of all preheat you oven on 170 degrees.
Secondly  whip up the butter before adding the sugar. Then mix them together into a smooth mixture. Add the two eggs and stir.

Then get the instant coffee of your choice at the ready. This is the most defining ingrediĆ«nt, so it's be carefull with your choice since cappuccino,espresso etc each have their own specific flavour and more important intensity of taste. Instant coffee also comes in different textures: from grains to powder-like variations. I found out this powder-like Espresso fits my taste the best (Nescafe collection Espresso)
If you're not sure about the effect the instant coffee you're using will bring, it's best to start by adding a smaller amount of coffee.

Add the coffee to the mixture together with the milk and the self-rising flour. Stir yet again.
If everything went fine, it should look something like this by now:
Get your baking tray at hand. If you plan on sharpening your cupcake-making skills some more in the future, this muffin tray is certainly worth the buy. Put the paper cups in the tray and equally divide the dough. The cups should be filled to about two-thirds of their height
Put the tray in the oven fpr about 15 minutes, depending on your oven

In the meanwhile let's get started on the topping, Just pour the cream, flour and cacao powder in to one bowl and use a mixer to make it into a smooth cream-like texture. The amount of cacaopowder completely depends on your taste.
Get the cupcakes out of the oven and use an icing bag for applying the topping.

 Put a chocolate coffee bean on top of each cupcake to finish the whole.
And there you have it: twelve delicious cupcakes that will make you love coffee and chocolate even more.

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