Monday, 29 April 2013

Summer wishlist#2: the statement jacket

Although  summer already has me dreaming of endless parades of summer dresses, I must face up with the reality that is the Belgian weather: it's gonna rain, and probably a lot. Add some chilly days to this and you'll understand why a jacket is indeed a good buy. My preference goes out to a statement jacket in some over the top print. Why I love this? 
It's just plain easy; if chosen right it can even make a Jeans and T-shirt-combo look exiting. Look further for some 'how to wear' isnpiration.

Alhoewel ik door de nakende zomer al droom van eindeloze reeksen zomerjurken, moet ik toch de realiteit onder ogen komen:  het Belgische weer wil wel eens wispelturig zijn. Denk: regen en frisse dagen die een jas zeker niet overbodig maken. Mijn voorkeur gaat uit naar een zgn. 'statement jacket' en dan nog het liefst met een flinke print erop. Waarom?
Zo'n jasje is gewoon heel gemakkelijk: wanneer goed gekozen, kan het zelfs een eenvoudige t-shirt met jeans interessant maken. Kijk verder voor hoe ze te dragen.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Outfitpost: Silk & Silver

Wearing one of my favorite tops, a treasure found on the latest Dries Van Noten stocksale. The faux leather jacket is already one of my best spring-buys, and I'm verrrrrry glad I can finally wear this one instead of my winter coat. The weather even let me wear these open shoes!

Hier draag ik een van mijn favoriete tops, een schat die ik vond op de laatste Dries Van Noten stockverkoop. Het nepleren jasje is nu al een van mijn beste lente-aankopen, en ik ben heeeeel blij dat ik eindelijk dit kan dragen in plaats van mijn winterjas. Het weer liet zelfs toe open schoenen te dragen!

Monday, 22 April 2013

The Outdoors Scrapbook

If you're interested in this subject, also check out my 'The Great Outdoors'-inspiration post and follow this bord on Pinterest: it's where I store all the good stuff (a.k.a inspiration).

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Outfitpost:Spring's First Sunshine

And all of a sudden spring came...
 and so did summer dresses.

Yellow dress with black pattern- Magdalena
Suede shoes- Avance 
Woven belt- H&M
Satchel- Stylist's Own
Black and gold ringJutka en Riska

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Summer wishlist #1: White Shirt (+3 looks)

Font by Brittney Murphy - downloaded on

The nr. 1 item on my wishlist for this summer is without any doubt a white shirt. I've already been looking for the perfect one since last year. Here's 5 of my favorites that are out there on the Internet. I already own a white shirt, but that one is very feminine and has a distinct fit, which doesn't allow me to combine it with too much. 

Friday, 12 April 2013

The Great Outdoors

Left to right, top to bottom: 
1. Author untrackable, found here; 2. Author unclear, found here; 3. DBLEXP-series, Jonas Dreesse; 4. Hêtres et étang, Marie Bourgonjon; 5. Badlands, Declan Corbett; 6. Trippstadt Germany, Maxim Leurentop.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A compact guide to refurbishing old furniture

There are two reasons I chose to make a guide on this topic; the first one is that I experienced myself that these things are not as easy as they seem. Although it seems very obvious you'd have to use steel sanding paper to get rust of steel, it would've never occured to me if no one had told me this. The second reason is that in this way I wont have to repeat the first steps over and over again in other DIY's (I'm thàt lazy). I'm also hoping that as my skils grow, this guide will become more extensive. So it's actually a work in progress.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Perking up the apartment

Last summer, my boyfriend and I moved into an (absolutely lovely) apartment. We decided to do a summer job and put some money aside for buying stuff for our new home. We already had the essentials because we both lived in a student room before, but now it was gonna be bigger an it had to feel like a real home. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Outfitpost: Sister Style

Introducing my sister, Stéphanie, and this amazing elephant-patterned dress we both absolutely love.
What she's wearing:

Parka, butterfly necklace, woven belt and tights-H&M 
Dress with cutout shoulders-Minkpink

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Geometry Guidebook

One of the things I love this season is the geometrical trend, which is extra powerful when executed in blacks and whites (or cream like textures, as I prefer). It's definateley a good idea to draw inspiration from Sol LeWitt's works, the unofficial master of lines and stripes . I prefer the combination of geometrical shapes (lines, stripes, grids, triangles,... you name it) with a collage like-feel; twisting patterns, different  materials, contrasts... etc etc, a bit similar to what Giedion Kiefer accomplishes in his drawings.

1. Leggings with triangles, Filles à papa
2. Plaster object, DIY project by A Beautiful Mess
3. Silver necklace, Jutka en Riska
4. The Trümmerfeld Check Up by Gideon Kiefer
5. Collage scarf Seascape, Arlette Ess on Boticca
6. Striped black and white blouse, ROMWE
7. Form Derived from a Cube by Sol LeWitt 
8. Mesh Heels, COS

Nederlandse versie: