Monday, 15 September 2014

Malta #1

Today i'd like to share some impressions of my trip to Malta. I've split a selection of photos in two posts so you don't get too overwhelmed. If you want more information about a place or about the trip in general, don't hesitate to ask in the comment section. My goal here is to just give a quick impression. Enjoy!
The three photos above are taken in (La) Valletta, the tiny Maltese capital.

I add this one not because of its prettiness, but because the playsuit I'm wearing here is DIY! The photo also shows what the fishermen village of Marsaxlokk looks like.

Malta has an enormous amount of churches, and in summer they're all decorated with lights.

The rocky coastline, taken on a boat trip near Blue Grotto.

The magical 'silent city' of Mdina. This used to be the capital of Malta. The left picture shows the Fontanella tea Garden, a terrace cafe where you can eat pizzas, but most of all a lot of different cakes. While enjoying your cake and smoothie you'll be having this amazing view:

This is probably about a third of the island (which is only 27 x 10km).

A Carrie Bradshaw moment while watching the sun disappear in the sea from a beach bar at Ghajn Tuffieha (a beach next to Golden Bay, still very crowded but having a dinner date with this view is still amazing!).

Okay, this was part one, part two will be online in one or two weeks!

love, Naomi

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